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Vinyl Music

Turntables and records are making their way back into lounges all around you. If you didn’t keep your old gear then chances are you’ll be paying a whole lot more for replacements. The trend for vinyl means the ultimate hi-fi set-up has become a covetable item. And, depending on the condition, it can be pricey. But don’t let that put you off, there’s lots of fun to be had both finding the equipment and hunting down the records. Check out online services like and scour the second-hand stores such as Vintage Cowboys in Johannesburg (call Colin Davids on 082-555-9555) or auction houses for the assorted items you need to get playing. And, as record collections grow so too does the accompanying trend for vinyl house parties. That means having friends over, putting a record on and dancing in the lounge – Old School style. Text: Naomi Larkin