Vanilla Concrete Summer Poem range

We can't get enough of local ceramicist Carin Cronje's beautiful 'A Summer Poem' range. The collection of jugs, bowls, vases and crockery simply cannot help put a smile on your face. 'I was sitting in the garden one day, just staring into nothing, letting my thoughts go, when I was brought back to reality by an ant crawling up my arm,' she told HL, when we asked her where she came up with the idea for this quirky range. 'I slowly began to become aware of all the little creatures and flowers around me. Little sayings and poems (from childhood) popped up in my mind and I just had a really happy moment. I decided to take that feeling and to do a range around it.' The result is a collection of inspirational words like 'Loosen up, scream' and 'Just let go, just be', wrapped around beautiful illustrations. Pictured above are Carin's bullet vases, and to see the complete range, go to vanillaconcrete.co.za. Vanilla Concrete ceramics are available from The Fenix, 021-854-8618 or info@thefenix.co.za.