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Vanessa Marx Q&A

House and Leisure chatted to Vanessa Marx, the Head Chef at Cape Town's all-day brasserie, Dear Me, about our 2012 Food issue, her healthy approach to food and which quick and easy meals she likes to cook at home... (Hashtag: #HLFood) @houseleisureSA Hi Vanessa. Thanks for joining us to chat about #HLFood. Any recipes that you're dying to try yourself? @vanessajaynem Oh yes! The wheat-free chocolate tart – I'm always looking for allergen-free recipes at @DearMeFoodWorld. @houseleisureSA Yummy choice! Nothing like a health-conscious treat that tastes good too ;) @vanessajaynem We have loads of customers with special dietary requirements, I'm sure that one will come in handy. Also keen to make artichoke labneh tartlets! LOVE artichokes :) I make my own labneh with buffalo yoghurt so would like to make those tartlets with artichokes! @houseleisureSA Any other allergen-free recipes that you'd recommend? @vanessajaynem Your tomato and ricotta rice paper rolls look great – so fresh and light! Plus, rice paper is gluten free... @houseleisureSA Super! Tell us, what was your impression of this year’s #HLFood cover? @vanessajaynem I think it's stunning! Creative and simple but striking; it has a warmth and comfort about it too. @houseleisureSA Thank you :) What do you like to cook at home during summer that’s quick and easy? @vanessajaynem Love making meze and bruschetta; I love the recipe for mashed chickpeas with pomegranate, it's low GI :) (see page 52) @houseleisureSA Sounds perfect for summer. Finally, is there anything you’d like to see more of in our next #HLFood issue? @vanessajaynem I'd love to see some recipes pin-pointing sustainable seafood through @WWFSASSI. Also recommendations of local suppliers that sell free-range, sustainable produce. @houseleisureSA Great suggestion. Thanks for the chat Vanessa. Enjoy cooking from #HLFood :) @vanessajaynem Such a pleasure! Will tweet you when I make that tart @DearMeFoodWorld! @houseleisureSA We can't wait to see :) You can follow Vanessa on Twitter or visit the Dear Me Food World's website for more information.