Turuleta dolls

These days the kids retail industry is inundated with mass-produced, plastic toys that leave character and personality behind at the door. So it's an absolute pleasure to come across handmade gems like these fabric dolls by Turuleta. Designer Rebeca Evans came up with the idea when she fell pregnant with her first child. 'I have always wanted to be a designer, so when Alex was born I decided I needed a change of career. There isn't a wide range of toys and decor for babies, so while I was on maternity leave I started Turuleta.' The name is a throwback to Rebeca's Spanish heritage. 'Turuleta the hen was a character on a Spanish kids show. The word itself means means crazy.' For a year now, Rebeca has been creating a wide range of quirky characters made of cotton and felt. More than just crazy hens, there's a delightful family of elephants, seahorses, owls, giraffes and more. Rebeca is currently working on incorporating more texture into her designs, which is bound to give her animal clan even more personality than it already has. Turuleta toys range from R120 to R290 and can be bought directly from Rebeca by emailing her on turuleta.info@gmail.com. They will also soon be available online at From the Heart Emporium.