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Top 5 Clocks

Let's face it, no one likes waking up to an alarm clock or being reminded about deadlines, but it's part of life so we may as well check the time in style. These days you get clocks and alarm clocks of all shapes and sizes - the trick is finding one that best suits your choice of decor. To stay on the safe side, it often helps to keep accessories like clocks relatively neutral in case you decide to change the colour scheme of a room at a later stage. Monochrome items work well in this instance. Here, we've selected a few subtle options that will add a bit of fun to a room, but not detract from its other major features. It's amazing how technology has even made clocks more user-friendly. The handmade Alba alarm clock (from astore) allows you to plug in your mp3 player and wake up to the sound of your choice - and Apple users even get a dedicated application that does this for them! Then there's the Wood Cube alarm clock (from Big Blue) that is sound sensitive and turns on as soon as you clap or click your fingers. If you prefer the traditional, singular function clock, there are lovely options available, such as this quirky wall clock from Mr Price Home. And for those working at a desk, this desk clock from La Grange Interiors is small enough to stand alongside a computer or on a shelf. Otherwise, if you want your clock to stand out, try this arty Beadburst Reflections wall clock by Bishop Tarambawamwe, the owner of Master Wire & Bead Craft. This bead and wire clock, modelled around the sunburst mirror that depicts a sun surrounded by rays, 'signifies energy at dawn and reflections at dusk'. If you have an inspiring or just plain fun clock in your home, share a photo with us on Facebook! Stockists: (Left to Right)  1. Cut-Off 30cm Black Clock, R50, Mr Price Home. 2. Alba Alarm Clock by Furni (in Maple), R1 300, astore. 3. Beadburst Reflections Wall Clock by Bishop Tarambawamwe, R1 440, Master Wires & Bead Craft. 4. Liverpool Desk Clock, Three Legs, R1 350, La Grange Interiors. 5.  Wood Cube Alarm Clock by Kikkerland Design, R290, Big Blue. Text: Kim Grové Photo credit for Beadburst Reflections Wall Clock: Eric Miller