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Three Ways with Mint

Compiled and styled by Raphaella Frame Food production and recipes Darren Roberts Photographs Sean Calitz Mint is in season and we can't think of a fresher or tastier herb to use as garnishing in our summer dishes. A sprig of mint not only adds a burst of colour but it also injects a dollop of flavour in endless creative ways. From jellies to sauces, the leaves can be used to flavour seafood dishes, desserts and more. Our Food Editor Raphaella Frame teamed up with acclaimed chef Darren Roberts – from Franschhoek’s Grande Provence Heritage Wine Estate – to create three fresh recipes for this month's Three Ways With Mint. On the menu you'll find tempura prawn tails with minted papaya salsa, citrus salad, pineapple and mint sorbet with mint julep, and mint parfait with mint-apple jelly and mint ice. The result, we're sure you will agree, erupts off the page with flavour and is a visual sensation. But wait until you taste their handiwork! To see the duo's must-try mint dishes, go to page 112 of our November 2011 summer issue, now on shelf!