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The Creamery

There aren’t many people in this world who can say that they actually dislike ice-cream, right? But the good news is that The Creamery gives us even more excuses to love this delicious indulgence. Founded by two Capetonians, The Creamery was born from Kate Schrire’s wish to run her own business, and create a product that would act as a vehicle for produce from local farms. Supporting local farmers: tick. Their dairy comes from a seventh generation West Coast farmer who knows his 200 cows, who all live outside on grass, by name. The eggs they use are from a Stellenbosch family's small holding. Their fruit comes from family farms in the Western Cape. When it comes to, for example, their beer ice-cream, they opt for small local breweries such as Darling Brew and Everson’s Cider. The Darling Brew 'Bone Crusher' ice-cream is full of flavour, with a gorgeous creamy texture, combining the very best of beer with the very best of dessert. Supporting the little guy: tick. The Creamery's ice-cream is hand-crafted, which means it's made in small quantities, allowing the makers to play around with flavours and produce interesting taste sensations such as ginger, barley malt and beer flavours. What's more, the smaller hand-crafted quantities guarantee that each batch is top quality. Quality over quantity: tick. The Creamery uses only seasonal produce, which means produce is being used when it is at its freshest and most flavoursome. The options on offer will differ from one week to the next, as their suppliers let them know what's available. One week it might be a box of watermelons, and the next week a few kilograms of blueberries. Fruit is fresh and grown as it should be, naturally and without unnecessary strain on the environment. Their blueberry and nectarine ice-creams are bursting with freshness and flavour, sans any chemically aftertaste. The chocolate they use is fair trade and organic, and while their barley malt ice-cream tastes just like Horlicks, it is free of the many chemicals and artificial ingredients contained in most powder drinks we buy in stores. Good groceries: tick. Ultimately, The Creamery's goal is to build a community of people who love food and are interested in products that are hand-crafted and ethically produced. The Creamery's headquarters are in Mowbray, and they sell their ice-cream from markets and their online shop. If requested, they can also arrange special events. Their ice-cream club offers members three one-pint containers of the current flavours to enjoy at home every month. The Creamery is changing the way we look at what goes into the food we buy. It’s delicious, honest-to-goodness, made-from-scratch produce, and certainly not your average ice-cream. Check out their website here: thecreamery.co.za or to shop online, go here: thecreamery.co.za/shop. Text: Lize Kay