The Cors chair

Are you over office chairs that come in depressing shades of blue, maroon and black? Thanks to the Cors chair, dull colours are a thing of the past. 'Great design is when there’s nothing left to take away,' says Steve Fish, Marketing Director and design fundi at M and F Business Furniture.  'And the Cors chair is such an example.' We agree, and in our opinion, this sleek and cheeky chair, which is designed by orangebox in the UK, is a stylish addition to any office space. 'With the huge investment going into office spaces, not only for the furniture components but also for the ‘real estate’, it has become paramount to utilise these spaces to maximum efficiency,' says Steve. 'This way you'll create an environment that encourages people to love coming to work – and therefore be more productive.' We know we'd be pretty excited to spend the day sitting in and surrounded by these quirky chairs. Steve assures that they're ergonomically designed, for maximum comfort. 'The design offers a high level of flexible comfort, from an elegant and slim profile design, to the metal structural frame integrated into the back during the moulding process.' We love the fact that these playful chairs are stackable, too, making them space-savvy for even the most compact of offices. For a trendy take on regular office furniture, we'd take on a medley of colours and swap them around to suit our mood! The Cors chair is marketed and distributed exclusively in southern Africa by M and F Business Furniture. For more details visit their website, here or call 0861-753-273