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The 2012 Trend Report

HL’s annual Trend Report is out now with the January/February issue and features 61 trends that will define the South African lifestyle in 2012. From black bathrooms to tangerine, from doomsday prophecies to mystery dinners, 2012 stacks up to be a watershed year. 'The Mayans might have set the tone with their doomsday predictions, but looking at the trends emerging for 2012 we are far from leaving the planet just yet,' says editor, Naomi Larkin. Creativity abounds as people add colour to their lives, celebrate their individual styles in everything from décor to food, and use technology to make life easier. 'Smartphone applications are altering our world, while art-shopping gatherings are changing the art scene; tangerine is adding new energy to decor and mystery dinners are taking the food phenomena from the past year to a whole new level,' says Naomi. Our highly anticipated Trend Report 2012 is the definitive forecast of the design, décor, lifestyle, food and leisure trends that will be shaping the year ahead. Highlights from the HL Trend Report 2012 include: •Travel apps – This is one of our favourite trends as these apps provide on-the-spot navigation and information about new destinations, including access to restaurants, bars and shopping spots within walking distance of wherever you may be standing. •Mystery dinners – Forget secret sauce or chicken surprise – knowing what you’re eating is in. When it comes to who’s behind the stove, that’s a different story; guerrilla gourmets are the latest party trick. •Darkness descends – Black on black in the world of fashion has been all but ubiquitous and is still huge in decor. Now, black flowers are tipped as the next noir trend. •Statement glass – Even retro glass can take on a stunningly modern mien when used in the right context, and grouping transparent décor pieces together, whether a mismatched collection of vases or a coffee table, can make a dramatic statement. •Food trucks – Food trucks are bringing a new meaning to the term ‘fast food’. Constantly on the move, they broadcast their location on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook and pull big crowds. Serving all manner of street food, gourmet eats and drinks, the ‘Tinkle tinkle’ of the ice cream truck will never be the same. Join us here on the web this December and January 2012 as we highlight some of the trends featured in the 2012 Trend Report. To follow House and Leisure on Twitter: @HouseLeisureSA. (Hash tag for the issue: #HLTrendReport) To visit House and Leisure on Facebook: www.facebook.com/HouseAndLeisure