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Temori dolls

Sanja Postic’s Temori Dolls are 'toylike art pieces'. They are handmade and upcycled from all kinds of materials and each one is unique and one of a kind. She’s had several exhibitions in South Korea and last year she had an exhibition at David Krut Projects at Arts on Main, Johannesburg.

The dolls are currently available at Parts & Labour at Arts On Main in Joburg (upstairs next to a Goodman Gallery).
Tell us a bit more about yourself I am a digital designer from Serbia with an architectural background. I’m a graphic designer who designs everything from interfaces to furniture and streets. When I lived in South Korea, I travelled to Japan and other Asian countries. I discovered this world of characters, which is not only digital (as some people may think, considering that they are very technologically advanced), and not only anime. I fell in love with it instantly. Where did you get the idea for the project? For this project I invented a character Temori, which in Korean means ‘no hair’, and in Korea the idea of somebody being bald is very funny. So I ended up  naming the project Temori Dolls. Each doll I make is unique which makes them collectible. I started designing/making them as a small miniature world of stereotypes and they developed into something more connected to contemporary art. How it will develop from there, I don’t know. As a result of this I get hired to design all kinds of toys for kids’ books etc.  I am very proud to say one thing: people who buy Temori Dolls are mainly artists or art collectors. Have a look at Sanja’s blog for more at This blog post is courtesy of Hanneke Schutte, whose blog, Handsome Things, showcases the best of South African design. Read more at