Sueperb Succulents

There is something whimsical about these succulent gardens growing up out of the pages of old books. Designer Suzanne Hilliar says her range, Sueperb Succulents, grew out of experimentation.  ‘I am an avid reader and have an enormous collection of books, many of which are outdated and not being used anymore. While fiddling around with some ideas using succulents I was inspired by a similar idea on the internet and was blown away. Up until then I had been playing around with enamel containers and cups and saucers to display succulents. When I came across the idea, I decided to try it. It worked well as succulents do not like to be waterlogged and grow in very small amounts of soil.’ Suzanne says that the succulents are very easy to care for and don’t need much more than a sunny spot and watering with a spray bottle so that their feet don’t get too wet. ‘They enjoy a good spray every few days and also a liquid fertilizer in the spray bottle in the beginning of spring. We use perlite instead of soil as it absorbs water and nourishes the plant, it is also an organic matter.’ Suzanne’s Sueperb Succulents are right on trend, combining some of the season’s hottest buzz words: eco-friendly and recycled. ‘I particularly enjoy matching the beauty of the book and the succulents by finding drawings and colours that complement each other. This was just a fun way of expressing my creativity. I am an avid recycler and so the idea of doing something green and sustainable was a real joy.’ Sueperb Succulents sell for R150 to R200. They are available at Durban’s Essenwood Market and i heart market and at the new Rollin’ Vintage and Friends store, Shop 10, Howick Falls Hotel Retail Space, Morling Street, Howick. For more information email rollinebay@gmail.com.