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Spring decor

In our September 2012 Spring issue our decor team created a beautiful, frivolous production based around the bold colours of birds and floral motifs. It demonstrates how you can introduce touches of nature into your home and create that distinct, Spring look and feel. Think adorned fabrics and rugs, floral furniture, pastels, pinks and quirky crockery and ornaments. Turn to page 19 of the Spring issue to see this beautiful shoot, appropriately called, 'Oh, the joys!'

Our feathery friends became the focal point of one of the shots. Photographer Judd van Rensburg lovingly moved them to a new, more photogenic home for the shoot, which HL stylists Leana Schoeman and Heather Boting prepared beautifully:

Leana and Heather carefully curated various shots, combining Spring colours with floral motifs and bird-inspired decor:

The team surveying the location and deciding where to set up the next shot. Artificial lighting was used to create the perfect 'Spring' day while shooting mid-Winter.

Heather unpacking one of the delights of the day - the gorgeous Birds Mirror from Sobeit Studio: