Soylites candles

Vanilla, ginger and grapefruit. Cinnamon citrus. Pine and cedarwood. These are just some of the refreshing, natural flavours from local candle manufacturer, SoyLites. But it's not simply the candles' scents that have got our tongues wagging. The great thing about SoyLites is that they can be used as a massage oil, too. They've been cleverly formulated to be poured directly onto the body while the candle is burning, leaving your skin silky and smooth. While that may sound somewhat masochistic, we say cleverly formulated, because the 100 per cent pure soy oil candle melts at only two degrees above body temperature, ensuring the warm oil won't scald you. While burning, the oil wax melts to form a pool of oil that has a smooth, creamy texture and is rich in vitamin E and lecithin. The oil has added essential oils, too, for their aromatherapy benefits, making this the perfect tool for a warming winter massage. The candles retail for R175 for the standard 220ml jar. Travel sizes and kits are also available. For more info or to find your nearest stockist, visit soylites.co.za