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Show-stopping Jewellery

Durban-born jeweller Kirsten Goss is making waves all over the world with her unique creations. We recently chatted to her via Twitter to find out more about the latest Kirsten Goss developments, and to get to know the designer a bit better... (Hashtag: #HLTrendScoop) @houseleisureSA Hi @kirstengosslon, thanks for joining us for a chat. Are you enjoying your lovely spring day in London? @kirstengosslon It's always my best time being here in full spring bloom! Thank you. @houseleisureSA Divine. You have stores in SA, the UK, US and Asia. Clearly local design is on par with global standards? @kirstengosslon I was trained by Euro+SA masters at #stellenbosch University. Can't get better. I've seen a lot! Our stores are only in UK+SA. We have exhibitions in #NewYork+#HongKong. But next store NYC after Cape Town. @houseleisureSA Very exciting news for Cape Town! Any inside info on when this might be? :) @kirstengosslon I know! We are looking at a shop in #BreeStreet .....meeting with the agent on Tuesday next week! @houseleisureSA Hooray, we can't wait! What would you say are the 3 main pillars of the @kirstengosslon philosophy? @kirstengosslon Immaculately executed goldsmithing techniques+finishes, inspired considered design, guarded exclusivity. Thought you might want to see us behind the chat in our @MAC #SoChaud @houseleisureSA Love it! You girls look gorgeous :) #SoChaud You’re a Durban girl at heart – having travelled extensively, would you call London your home away from home? @kirstengosslon London is definitely my 2nd home. Biz started here. Babies born here. Very special city for me. Love both. @houseleisureSA Congrats on your Lily Pad ring winning Most Beautiful Object in SA at Cape Town’s @designindaba! How did it feel? And are there any more of these limited edition rings left to purchase? @kirstengosslon Thank you. We're still reeling! Even our London fans are brimming with the love! @houseleisureSA Well done to the team, that's fantastic! @kirstengosslon We have the most incredible team in the world. So richly deserved for every one of them. #muchbubblyfloweth Yes one can still order the rings. They are quite big, so we can also make a daintier version if desired. @houseleisureSA Fab! And tell us, what jewellery trends do you predict for 2012? @kirstengosslon #HLTrendScoop #SportsLuxe, #GeoGrafik, #ToughLuxe, #TribalChic, #AnimalInstinct are big in 2012/13. @houseleisureSA We recently caught a glimpse of your new #GeoGrafik collection, just beautiful! What inspired the edgy range? @kirstengosslon Thank you! Been in my head forever. Just needed time to develop. Needed a fresh clean 2012 look! @houseleisureSA You just had your spring/summer launch with @Missibaba as special guests. Bet there was plenty of bling! @kirstengosslon @Missibaba We had more colour, bling+fun oozing than is probably legal! We're still surrounded by gorgeousness. The energy + synergy between @Missibaba and #KirstenGoss is palpable. I love hosting great brands. @houseleisureSA It’s so great to see local brands going global. Tell us more about your pop-up shop featuring @Missibaba? @kirstengosslon Hope to keep @Missibaba in our #kglondonshop for the foreseeable future. So not so pop-up! @Missibaba @kirstengosslon @houseleisureSA We are so excited! @houseleisureSA So are we! Wish we could pop over and have a look! Finally, any other exciting developments in the pipe line? @kirstengosslon Other than world domination!!? we're in NY next month, HK in June & Europe in summer for exclusive exhibitions. @houseleisureSA Sounds terrific! Thanks for your time. It's so wonderful to hear all the positive developments:) @kirstengosslon Such a pleasure and thank you - have a great weekend! @houseleisureSA Thanks, enjoy the sunshine over there!  Turn to page 18 of our March Small Spaces issue to read our Trend Scoop featuring Kirsten Goss.