SeeingEye Art exhibition

Cape Town gallery BRUNDYN + GONSALVES' latest exhibition takes a deeper look at the blurring of boundaries between the mediums of painting and photography, questioning the way in which each is perceived. The exhibition aims to illustrate the complex and often overlapping relationship between the two mediums with a series of works by prominent South African artists. 'The first glance will reveal photographs that mimic the style of paintings and vice versa, but with further reading might lead to something a bit deeper,' says curator Leigh-Anne Niehaus. Leigh-Anne anticipates that the dialogue of photography vs. painting will be explored further through SeeingEye. The list of participating artists comprises some of the country’s top talent including Sanell Aggenbach, Roger Ballen, Zander Blom, Alex Emsley, Matthew Hindley, Andrew Putter, Karin Preller, Matty Roodt and Chad Rossouw. 'I've chosen each work to a specific end: to either complement or to play against one another,' Leigh-Anne explains. No stranger to the international art scene BRUNDYN + GONSALVES, formerly known as iArt, focuses its attention on developing and established contemporary South African artists and has become a deserving port of call for investors and curators from abroad. SeeingEye is on at BRUNDYN + GONSALVES, 71 Loop St, Cape Town from 27 June to 15 August 2012. For more information call 021-424-5150. Text: Mila Crewe-Brown