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Scholten and Baijings

As the year winds down we're all on the lookout for fresh ideas. For inspiration check out the designs of Dutch duo Stefan Scholten and Carole Baijings – their creations are both innovative and on trend. They apply impressive craftsmanship in their work, using a variety of materials ranging from wicker, wood, and glass, to linen and wool. All their designs portray an unyielding eye for detail, which is especially evident in their Dot carpet installation where the couple used 7 616 woollen balls for an exploded view of their product commissioned by Danish label HAY. Their first major exhibition at Dutch Stedelijk Museum's-Hertogenbosch, titled Blush - Design in Full Colour, is the summation of a decade of work. It includes a mixed bag of creations from Scholten and Baijings' portfolio and we have to admit, it's difficult to choose a favourite. The couple likes to work on pieces inspired by different cultures and countries, which is what makes their creations so appealing. Here are a few of the items on my wish list. Most of them stand out for their striking use of colour. Their wooden travel case ('The Butte'), created for British-based design and manufacturing company, Established and Sons, and the bed linen are particular favourites. Visit for more information and to view their distinctive designs.   Naomi Larkin Editor – House and Leisure   Images: 1. Portrait of Stefan Scholten and Carole Baijings; Photography: Freudenthla/ Verhagen 2. Bed Linen, Minimal Collection Syrup; Photography: Inga Powilleit, Styling: Mirella Sahetapy 3. Bed Linen, Colour Block Yellow; Photography: Inga Powilleit, Styling: Mirella Sahetapy 4. Paper Table; Scholten & Baijings (2010); Photography: Scheltens & Abbenes 5. Butte: Wooden travel case total, Established & Sons, London; Scholten & Baijings (2009) 6. Amsterdam Armoire, Established & Sons, London; Scholten & Baijings (2010), in collaboration with photographers Scheltens & Abbenes 7. Drop-leaf table half folded front; Scholten & Baijings (2009)