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Ryan Frank Zilka Hangers

Not long ago we featured a cleverly crafted product, the ‘Enzo’ stacking stool by Ryan Frank, a South African-born, internationally based furniture designer whose primary philosophy is built-in sustainability and ‘true green’ design. Ryan is an innovator by nature and his ever-expanding range never fails to make an impression.  Today we're coveting yet another of his stylish, socially responsible items: the ‘Zilka’ coat hanger. Constructed from old, recycled British newspaper, these hangers reflect Ryan’s determination to use predominantly second-generation, salvaged materials. The hangers are biodegradable, which is hardly surprising, considering that Ryan believes you need to consider the full life cycle of an item, even after it is no longer in use, if you want it to be totally sustainable. The charm of Ryan's products is that these eco-friendly gems are not merely a sensible choice; they’re trendy too. With bright, bold hues and graphic patterns, they inject what is traditionally a purely functional object with fresh, fun appeal. With a strong contemporary aesthetic, they’ll be fighting your favourite clothes for pride of place in the closet. The ‘Zilka’ hangers cost approximately R55 each and can be ordered directly from Ryan’s website, Shipping costs will apply and vary depending on the size of the package. Delivery to South Africa takes roughly 10 days. For more information email Ryan at Text: Dayle Kavonic