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RuPaul Cosmopolitan Recipe

Now that we're headed for warmer climes, cocktails are back with a vengeance. This cocktail was created by Luis de Terry, a chef-restaurateur-gourmet now based in Asia. De Terry certainly knows not just his vodka from his gin, but his claret from his pinot noir, and his brandy from his sherry. An appreciation of fine wines and spirits is in his blood - he is descended from one of Spain's most prestigious winemaking families, the Terry family, historically from the Jerez region. The RuPaul is his take on the Cosmopolitan, which was popularised by the Sex and the City ladies.  'I call it the Cosmopolitan in drag,' he chuckles.  'I serve it in a martini glass accented with a feather boa.' Ingredients: 45 ml Skyy Vodka Orange 15 ml Cointreau 60 ml Blood Orange Juice 15 ml Malibu Directions: Add a few drops of lemon juice to bring out the happiness, and a dash of simple syrup. That's it!   Text: Bambina Olivares Wise