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Rug Revolución

With our winter issue on shelf now, we're all for finding ways to warm up the home - stylishly. Rug Revolución offers the perfect solution, with their endless supply of bespoke, designer rugs. 'At Rug Revolución we are mad about design,' says Mahdiyeh Pakdoust from the Cape Town store. 'We strive to offer a unique product range to the South African decor market. With a selection of the finest materials, for example wool, silk and hemp and more than 1 000 colours to choose from, we create unique rugs for individual spaces.' Rug Revolución has taken a new approach to the industry by controlling all aspects of its manufacturing: from designing, sourcing of the raw materials, dyeing and spinning of the wools, to weaving all their rugs in-house. They have offices in Nepal and India, where they source and produce the carpets, while the designs are formulated locally. 'A lot of research goes into trend scouting, looking at fashion week trends, fabric patterns, textures and colours,' says Mahdiyeh. 'This ensures we develop a unique product range that is globally competitive in pricing, quality and design integrity.' Rug Revolución is also committed to making their products as natural and ethical as possible. 'We make sure we use the most friendly methods of producing in order to reduce our carbon footprint by manufacturing in the most natural ways possible. We have a genuine love and respect for our product.' We love the bright and daring designs they've come up with. To view more of their stylish creations, visit or pop past their store at 186 Loop St, Cape Town.