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Rooibos & red curry Bouillabaisse recipe

The exciting Madame Zingara’s Second Annual Chef’s Showcase is now in its second week and the competition is heating up! This week, diners can enjoy the delicious creations of chef Javier Birman from 12 - 18 June. Below is the amazing dish that got him into the final... If you'd like to win fabulous prizes, make sure you visit The Sidewalk Café in Cape Town to decide on your favourite menu. ROOIBOS AND RED CURRY BOUILLABAISSE Ingredients: 4 jumbo prawns 8 fresh mussels 50g ginger 10g red curry paste 1 stalk of lemongrass (for infusion) 500g grouper cheeks (can use any other fresh white fish like Cape Salmon) 3g rooibos espresso powder (can use 2 regular tea bags as well) 50cc honey bouquet garni - fresh herbs (for infusion) 2 cups fish fumet fish stock 1 cup of dry white wine 3 tbsp tomato paste 5 coriander seeds 25g butter 50cc fresh milk salt and pepper to taste 50cc olive oil Directions: For the rooibos fish stock: Infuse the fish stock with the rooibos powder, honey, lemongrass and spices in a sauce pan.  Add ½ of the cup of wine, the tomato paste and half of the red curry paste. Reduce until half and strain. Leave two tbsp of this stock on the side. Sautee the fresh fish and mussels with olive oil in a hot pan.  After one minute add the prawns, remaining red curry paste and deglaze with wine and the rooibos fish stock. Cook for five minutes and serve. To serve: Use the remaining rooibos fish stock and add the butter and milk, then bring it to a pinky foam with a mixer/ blender. Garnish with chives, dill and coriander. Serve accompanied with freshly baked home bread, garlic toast, rice crackers or ciabatta. Serves 4 A traveller, food, wine and arts enthusiast, Javier obtained his first culinary degree in North America in 2001. He then became a master chef and sommelier in his home country Argentina at the age of 24. His extensive experience comes from global kitchens; from Norway to Italy to North America and the Mediterranean. Javier fell in love with the Mother City while he was holidaying here and made the move earlier this year. He is currently cooking up a storm at Café Paradiso. For bookings contact Sidewalk Café on 021-461-2839 or visit For more information on the Chef’s Showcase or the Madame Zingara Group of Companies visit