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Roelof van Wyk Exhibition

As time brings about change in society, preconceived notions of cultural identity often remain untouched. In an upcoming exhibition at Commune. 1 gallery, Roelof van Wyk’s Jong Afrikaner: A self-portrait is about to challenge the viewer’s perception of the Afrikaner identity through bold photographic representations. The exhibition comprises frank and sumptuous portraits of urbanised, engaged Afrikaners who present a challenge to preconceived ideas about Afrikaner identity and values. These ‘new’ Afrikaners negotiate their lives as a minority group in South Africa. Their connection to each other – by kin, marriage, friendship or shared beliefs, preferences and tastes – suggests a cohesion very different from the forced identity of the apartheid years. Roelof Petrus van Wyk grew up in small-town Apartheid South Africa in a conservative Afrikaans community. His work has been exhibited locally and internationally, most recently on Figures and Fictions at the V & A Museum, London. For this exhibition Roelof chose his subjects – all of them known to him personally – for their often extraordinary lives that demonstrate a multi-layered and richly varied Afrikaner identity. The exhibition coincides with the launch of his book Jong Afrikaner: A Self-Portrait, published by Fourthwall Books. Roelof van Wyk’s Jong Afrikaner: A self-portrait opens at Commune. 1 Gallery, 64 Wale St, Cape Town on 28 June at 6.30pm and will run until 26 July 2012. For more information go to or call 021-423-5600. Text: Mila Crewe-Brown An interior design graduate and writer with an insatiable passion for design, decor and travel, Mila Crewe-Brown cut her teeth working at Condénast House & Garden magazine before embarking on a year and a half journey across three continents. Now back and freelancing in Johannesburg she dedicates her time to writing copy for various interior and lifestyle publications. Visit her blog idreamofdesign.