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Recreate Suitcase Chair

With a background in interior design, Cape Town-based designer Katie Thompson knows a thing or two about creating functional decor pieces. We previously featured her hatbox ottoman, a genius combination of an ottoman and a storage unit. If you're the type that appreciates once-off, exclusive items, then Katie's Recreate items are for you. Using discarded junk as her starting point, she envisions an entirely different object that will offer a new and exciting purpose. Katie really takes the saying, 'One man's trash is another man's treasure', to heart. From furniture pieces and lighting to never-before-seen decor accessories, Katie has perfected the art of preserving an object's inherent character, while breathing new life into it. And because no two items are the same, the one thing you can expect is an element of surprise. These suitcase chairs are just one of her multi-purpose ranges that we've got our eye on. Each one has a steel reinforced internal structure, deep button detail and timber legs. When asked what inspired their design, Katie responds, 'It was a combination of love for junk, an overactive imagination, being a hoarder, a perfectionist and an interior designer'! They range in price from R5 500 to R9 500, depending on the suitcase, size, fabric and upholstery used. Visit to buy or enquire about an item, or pass by the Recreate store in Cape Town at 368 Albert Road, located opposite the Old Biscuit Mill. You can also give her a call on 076-989-0871 or email