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Produce with Provenance

It seems that we are returning to a much more wholesome way of cooking, and the style of dishes we’re hankering for is rustic and comforting. We're hungry for a sense of wellbeing from a psychological and nutritional perspective, so it’s no wonder that there has been a surge of interest in provenance, which has led to many of us wanting to learn how to grow our own produce. What may seem a daunting task is actually not as labour-intensive as you may think, as the four subjects of our food story, ‘Garden to Table’ will bear testament. From great tips for starting your own edible garden patch to the delicious recipes created using homegrown fruit and vegetables, the sense of gratification and environmental benefits (not to mention the lightened financial burden) will see this trend scoring big goals in 2012. To read more tips and recipes focused on this trend, please see page 100 of our January/February 2012 Trends issue, on sale 19 December 2011...   Image credit: Sean Calitz, Vanessa Lewis Text: Raphaella Frame