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POP-IN Sculpture Exhibition

Alberto Rodriguez is curating an exhibition of South African sculpture at Cape Town’s Worldart Gallery. The exhibition, called POP-IN, will see a series of sculptural combinations both unlikely and adventurous by artists such as Bruce Arnott, Charl Grabe and David Brown. As a non-South African, Alberto offers a unique perspective on familiar contexts. 'Local people tend to get used to their art and design, to the point where they forget to pause and actually see it. They also often experience it within a specific frame of reference, and as a foreigner my contribution is to point out different ways of looking at the familiar and to create a new and fresh experience.' he explains. POP-IN will be the first of a series of pop-up, curated exhibitions by Alberto that will each feature different elements of South African art and design from the point of view of an experienced visual practitioner who isn't home grown. POP-IN will be showing from 5 to 18 July 2012 at Worldart Gallery, 54 Church St, Cape Town. For more information contact Alberto Rodriguez at or call 021-423-3075/ 073-702-0562. Text: Mila Crewe-Brown An interior design graduate and writer with an insatiable passion for design, decor and travel, Mila Crewe-Brown cut her teeth working at Condénast House & Garden magazine before embarking on a year and a half journey across three continents. Now back and freelancing in Johannesburg she dedicates her time to writing copy for various interior and lifestyle publications. Visit her blog idreamofdesign.