Plumbago Lifestyle Gallery

Julie Hartslief and Debbie Puttergill are the sister team behind Florida Road’s Plumbago Lifestyle Gallery. ‘We named the store after our grandfather’s favourite flower,’ explains Julie, ‘We loved the fact that it is such a resilient plant despite the delicate appearance of the flowers and that it’s indigenous, of course.’ Plumbago is a repository for a range of hand-picked items which meet Julie and Debbie’s strict requirements. ‘We feel interiors should be curated and that objects should be unique works of art collected over time.’ In order to find decor items, furniture pieces, coffee table books and accessories which fit the bill, they have entered into collaborations with several well-known South African names such as the Elizabeth Gordon Gallery, Missibaba and Ardmore Ceramics. Much of Plumbago’s stock, such as the Ardmore White Range, is unique in KwaZulu Natal. The store’s lamp stands are particularly noteworthy with pieces from Castelyn Berg and Trevor Opperman gracing the Plumbago shelves. ‘We stock many bespoke items created exclusively for Plumbago such as our range of cushions and hand-painted chandeliers which have quickly become signature pieces,’ says Julie. ‘Our coffee table books have proven to be particularly popular, too.’ The interior of the store is an excellent example of Julie and Debbie’s design philosophy in practice and it is unlikely you will leave Plumbago empty-handed - even if it is just with a dose of inspiration. Plumbago is at 50 Florida Road, Morningside, Durban, 031-303-8730. Text and images: Candice Botha