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Peter Tempelhoff Q&A

To celebrate the second issue of House and Leisure Food we're catching up with some of the talented chefs featured in the magazine. We recently chatted to Peter Tempelhoff, Group Executive Chef for The Collection by Liz McGrath, of which The Greenhouse is one of the six world-class restaurants. He let us in on his foodie predictions for 2012... What food trends do you think will be big this year? I think there’s going to be a big move towards reinventing the classic. Over the last few years we have taken food to the far reaches of science and back – it’s time to look back at where food has come from and appreciate its roots. Best part of working on the 2012 HL Food issue? It’s always great working with professionals. Which fellow local chefs do you admire? A couple of my mates are really doing well for themselves and I truly admire them. Luke Dale Roberts at The Test Kitchen is definitely deserved of his Chef of the Year title – he’s very inspiring as he continually pushes the boundaries. The other is Bertus Basson at Overture - the guy has a fantastic food philosophy and is a brilliant practitioner of the trade. Favourite recipe book of all time? The French Laundry by Thomas Keller. The one dish that you think screams ‘summer’? Fish mosaic, watermelon-cucumber salad, crispy seaweed, yuzu and crème fraîche ice cream. If you could have any superpower for a day, what would it be? To fly. Your personal foodie weakness? Thin base wood fired pizza! Staple food item on a desert island? Chickens; for a continual supply of eggs and the odd roast now and then! To learn more about Peter and his exciting cooking ventures you can visit his website here or follow him on Twitter @PeterTempelhoff. Look out for Peter's tasty dishes in our 2012 Food issue, on sale now! Image of Lemon Pave with Strawberry and Rhubarb Sorbet: Sean Calitz