People to Watch

Here's our list of people to watch in 2012, the folk who are already setting the trends we pointed out in our 2012 Trend Report. Food trucks: Lady Bonin Jessica Bonin never enjoyed coffee, but she did enjoy coffee culture. And that is what made her decide to start selling tea from Lady Bonin’s Tea Parlour, a vintage-style caravan. The caravan draws customers because of its uniqueness and bohemian feel, and Lady  Bonin sees people of all ages enjoying tea and conversation around it. The tea is mostly pre-blended, but Jessica adds a personal touch with extra herbs and spices to create something as unique as the caravan itself. Twitter: @Lady_Bonin Old School Letters: The Package Project After years of embracing the technological age with e-mails, texts, and tweets, old school letters have made a comeback. And Nadia of Cupcake Couture has embraced this trend fully with her Package Project. People from all over the world sign up via her blog and are teamed up randomly with a partner. Participants then send one another parcels filled with crafts and goods from their area. Think pen pals, but with a box filled with gifts showcasing the best handcrafted arts your country has to offer. Twitter: @CupcakeCouture_ Hanging Gardens: Dear Me Dear Me is certainly a choice eatery in Cape Town, with its simple food that is saturated with flavours from fresh, quality local produce. But the space itself offers a calm refuge from the bustle on the street, and with their inclusion of hanging gardens inside the restaurant, they are right on trend. The upside-down potted plants are fresh, unusual, and definitely something you’ll want to try at home. Twitter: @DearMeFoodWorld Good Groceries: Frankie Fenner We are becoming more and more aware of what is in our food, and the processes it went though to get onto our plates. Frankie Fenner meat is everything you want  – good-quality meat sourced from local farmers who treat their animals with respect. There might not be many of them, but if you buy from Frankie Fenner you can support them. They offer smaller volumes of high-quality meat, and they don’t waste: every week they meet up with their old-school butchers to figure how to avoid wasting by introducing cuts you may never have tried before. You’ll be supporting smaller scale suppliers, local farmers, and people who put quality and ethics before their own capital interest. Twitter: @FrankieFenner Statement Beds: Beatnik Bazaar The Beatnik Bazaar online store is filled with beautiful things. And if statement beds are the trend you want to embrace in 2012, this is the store to visit. The quilts are made with patches of vintage fabric and 100% cotton percale underneath. You can custom order a quilt by choosing a style, colour accents, and border, all at no extra cost. Quilts can be couriered across the country, so there really is nothing stopping you from turning your all-white bed into something worth talking about. Twitter: @beatnikbazaar Collaborations: Curate This Space Matt Allison grows his own produce in his garden. But that isn’t the only reason he fits into the trend report. He recently cleared out his wall unit and decided to ask four talented creatives to each curate a shelf. The idea was that they would create a mini gallery with all four coming together to discuss the finished product over a meal served by a professional chef, and made from produce from Matt’s garden. The budget was R600 per shelf, and the result was remarkable: four shelves that flowed beautifully into one another, as though the creatives were inextricably linked. Twitter: @mattallison; @laurenxfowler; @thewildcreative; @Kraftisan Text: Lize Kay