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Pack a picnic

This month is all about easy living, and what better to way to kick back and relax than with a country picnic? Our Joburg Decor team did exactly this, and the results were just fabulous. They decided to travel back in time to an era where things were done in style. Forget paper plates and plastic cups – they went with quality over convenience and beauty over facility. 'Our aim was to Take it Back,' says Senior Decor Stylist, Leana Schoeman. 'We want to inspire readers to do things properly, and to remember that grand gestures are lasting.' With this in mind they put together an array of sturdy, quality furniture and objets, from wooden trunks to cotton blankets, granite boards and steel trays. Old-school brass binoculars and vintage board games gave an authentic feel to the picnic, which was tied together with a theme of natural, dirty colours, a hot trend for 2012. Why not take on the challenge and set up your own country picnic this autumn? Dust off all your most coveted items and catch the last of this year's sun – in style. For more country picnic inspiration, turn to page 13 of our 2012 Easy Living issue, on sale now. Also, check out what went on behind the scenes of this beautiful shoot.