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Origami Lessons

We're big admirers of designer Keri Muller's unique creations - one of her great talents is creating marvellous origami works. Now we're thrilled to announce she's giving others the chance to learn how to make these unique paper collectibles! Keri will be offering exciting origami classes that will let you connect with your creative side in a fun, new way. The concept? Get together a group of friends - whether it is for a hens party, kitchen tea, birthday or simply a social gathering - and enjoy drinks and snacks while doing something different. You can either choose to have it at your or a friend's house, or alternatively, the Abi and Scarlett pop-up event space is also available. Groups can range from a minimum of six to a maximum of 10 people, and you can learn to make the horse, crane or flower shown above. However, if time permits and your group is keen to learn more you can certainly do them all. Details:

  • Recommended times for lessons are a weekday evening from 6pm.
  • The Abi and Scarlett pop-up space is located at 36 Bay Road, Mouille Point, Cape Town.
  • The space will be open from 6pm to 8pm for lessons.
  • The cost is R750 including one hour of teaching time for up to six people and the studio space. Additional people are charged at R80 per person.
  • The maximum class size is 10 people.
  • For more information or to book please email kerimuller@gmail.com.
About Keri Muller:   Paper artist, origami maker, collector, treasure hunter and maker of stuff. Keri has worked on various projects ranging from large-scale recycled paper installations, book artworks to quirky illustrations and a whole bunch of other stuff. Learning-to-fold classes are now available due to the positive response received from other groups she has taught. Please visit simpleintrigue.blogspot.com for further information. Text: Kim Grové