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New exhibition: The Art of Happiness

'Would you like an experience that lifts your spirits, makes you smile, and shows you just how fabulous South African art is?' This is the question posed by Vanessa Klevansky, curator of a new exhibition at Upstairs @ Bamboo in Melville, Joburg. The Art of Happiness: 13 features the work of 13 South African illustrators, printers and painters whose art 'captures life with joy and humour'. Artists include Essie Letterpress, Amelia from Whimsy, Alta Stegmann, Stephanie van Vuuren (and Norman Nanimal), Leigh from LoveBurd, Tian van den Heever, and Juniper. The exhibition promises to be anything but pretentious, and more a celebration of the whimsical, so pop in and experience what is sure to be an evening of lighthearted fun. The Art of Happiness: 13 will run from 10-29 February 2012, at Upstairs @ Bamboo, Melville, Johannesburg. 53 Rustenburg Road, Melville, Joburg. For more info contact Alison Green on