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Nap Bar in Paris

You know the feeling.  It's 3pm, you still have two more hours at work and you just can't keep your eyes open.  Maybe it was the wine at lunch time, or the extra serving of Chinese food, but you desperately need to catch a snooze.  And your desk clearly is not the appropriate place for an afternoon shut-eye. So where do you go to quickly ward off the overwhelming drowsiness? A Parisian couple have come up with a tempting solution:  the ZZZ Zen Nap Bar.  Located at the Passage du Choiseul in Paris' second arrondisement, the Zen Nap Bar is described as "a tiny Parisian cocoon, where you can have a successful nap.  You walk in with your fatigue and leave it there in a massaging bed of jade stones or uplifted in a chair of weightlessness.  Cradled by soft music and subdued light, the day's worries wash away.  As Paris is wearing itself out, you are perking up and getting revitalised. And if you're on the late shift in Paris, fret not.  The ZZZ Zen Nap Bar is open until 8pm. ZEN Nap Bar, 29 passage Choiseul, Paris 2nd, 12€ for 15 min, + 33 (0) 1 71 60 81 55. Open Monday to Saturday, 11am to 8pm.   Text: Bambina Olivares Wise