Moonbasket Crocheted Carpets

We’re big supporters of socially conscious craft endeavours, which puts Moonbasket at the top of our list of favourite brands. This commendable initiative, started by designer Dani Le Roy in 2009, sources women from a community-based project on the fringes of Cape Town to stitch their innovative range of crocheted products. In this way it works to sustain the ladies’ livelihood, encourage skill development and carve a place for a valuable, age-old craft within a contemporary context. A welcome addition to their latest collection are these eye-catching, cosy carpets, made from jute fibre or nylon braids. The fabulous floor coverings are comprised of recurring circular patterns lovingly pieced together so as to inject a traditional motif with a fresh twist. Their cheerful shades reflect Moonbasket’s new and exciting move away from a predominantly neutral palette. ‘We love to play and experiment with the magic that happens in the space between two colours,’ Dani told us when we asked her about the choice of hues. In fact, experimentation, laughter and fun are prominent philosophies behind production. ‘The integral enjoyment of the creative process is what ensures the balance and beauty of the final product,’ she added. Such lovely values most certainly shine through, as it is difficult not to feel at least a little delighted when looking at these gems. Moonbasket carpets are available at their new studio on Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town. Prices vary significantly, starting from approximately R5 490. The Moonbasket team will happily make them to order and can chart one out specifically for your required space. For more information or to place an order visit their website at moonbasket.com, email Dani at dani@moonbasket.com or call her on 082-929-4021. Text: Dayle Kavonic