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Matt Allison Q&A

House and Leisure recently caught up with local 'Urban Farmer', Matt Allison, via Twitter about all things food-related - and found out more about his penchant for home-grown produce... (Hashtag: #HLFood) @houseleisureSA We’re chatting to ‘Urban Farmer’ @mattallison about #HLFood. Welcome Matt! @mattallison Currently in a Lavender field in Phillipi, got 2 bars of 3G, let's do to this. Let's chat food, something I'm most passionate about. @houseleisureSA Beautiful! First things first, what was your impression of this year’s HL Food when you first caught a glimpse? @mattallison The cover actually, beautifully styled and shot - once past that, the recipe selection, focusing on seasonal produce. @houseleisureSA Lovely. What seasonal foods are you loving right now? @mattallison My heirloom tomatoes, a hit with guys like @StarlingsCafe, @vanessajaynem and @stefanmarais. Also my watermelons! @houseleisureSA Yummy! Which we assume you've grown yourself at home? Sounds like your garden is thriving. @mattallison Yes, all #homegrown, I currently grow 40+ vegetables and herbs, largely heirlooms. @houseleisureSA We can't get enough of the #homegrown trend :) Back to #HLFood, any recipes that you're dying to try? @mattallison Hoping to make the asparagus risotto this weekend, loving seasonal asparagus, through with us till the end of March. @houseleisureSA Fab choice! Such a great take on a trusty traditional recipe. We'd love to know, what do you like to cook at home for your family that’s relatively quick and easy? @mattallison Poached eggs on toast, a bed of rocket with a mustard creme fraiche. We have our own backyard hens. @houseleisureSA That must come in handy. Sounds delicious! @mattallison My 20 month old son, Nathan, collects eggs religiously every morning. @houseleisureSA Lovely! Finally, is there anything you’d like to see more of in our next #HLFood issue? @mattallison I think a few more paired down meals and fewer, but quality, ingredients. In our busy lives we need to simplify meals. @houseleisureSA Absolutely, thanks for the suggestion. Simplified cooking is definitely the way forward. Enjoy your fresh produce and thanks for chatting to us about #HLFood. And we hope the asparagus risotto turns out to be a success! @mattallison Absolute pleasure, thanks for invigoration meal times through. Follow Matt on Twitter here or visit his blog at for more information.