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March Neon Decor Shoot

We joined the House and Leisure decor team behind the scenes of their March 2012 neon shoot, a riot of electric hues and off-beat accents. Following in the wake of the season’s hottest trend, they paired neutral palettes (think creamy linens and pure cottons) with timber textures, offset by outrageous colour bursts. Couple that with some of the design scene’s most covetable items and you’re in for a jaw-dropping spread. All the elements on the shoot were carefully considered, from spray painting lighting wires to the neon re-threading of a riempie chair. Two trestle tables were jam-packed with an assortment of phosphorescent decor pieces including flowers bound in striking ribbons, cutlery, gaming consoles and stationery. Ever resourceful, the House and Leisure decor team came up with some ingenious ideas for the shoot, such as adding coloured paint powders into glass jars and using strips of neon tape for geometric backgrounds. House and Leisure's Decor Editor, Jeanne Botes, has an innate ability to mix and match different prints, colour and styles to create a harmonious set. For those of us that don’t possess the stylist’s alchemy, Jeanne has given us a few easy pointers on how to translate this trend into our own spaces:

  1. Always pair neon accents with a neutral background: creams, whites and browns make for the best partnership.
  2. Texturing is key for a sophisticated colour revision. For a balanced composition create an interplay with colour, different surface elements (such as wood, marble and perspex) and textured finishes like rugs, carpets and cushions.
  3. Neon is best used on interchangeable items such as stools, vases, lamps and scatter cushions so that it accents rather than governs a space.
The bottom line? Neon is nothing to be scared of. An original way to add a burst of colour to any room, it can be subtly used in a number of playful ways. Text: Jess Suter