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Marbled Ceramics

Established ceramicist Lisa Firer has been creating beautiful ceramics for many years, including everything from vases to candle holders. We're a fan of her floral ceramic range, a collection that previously caught our eye. Now she's making works of art for the Cape Town-based interior store, OKHA. Always raising the bar on producing local furniture and objets d'art that can compete on an international level, OKHA recently released some exciting new products. Lisa's new ceramics form part of the collection, and represent a turning point in her body of work. She has created marble-like patterns on these ceramics by using playful swirls and layers to create interesting colours and tones. We love how she has subtly manipulated the simple form of the vertical column by introducing some vivid colour. The columns are available in the candy-coloured marble shades of pink, baby blue, lime and vermillion. As one of the most inspiring contemporary artists in South Africa today, Lisa is always exploring new methods of expression through the medium of ceramics. We can't wait to see what she does next... Her marbled ceramics are available at OKHA Interiors, 109 Hatfield Street, Gardens, Cape Town for R2 740 each. For more information contact 021-461-7233 or follow them on Twitter @OKHAdesign. You can also view more of Lisa Firer's work here.