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Making Structural Repairs

If  you have started to notice bulging brickwork, rusted reinforcement, peeling plaster, crumbling masonry or wide wall and floor cracks, then there is a good chance that the structure of your house requires some repair work. The inevitable dilemma is whether to embrace the DIY philosophy or to call for expert action. BPC  Painters and Renovators suggest that it is always best practice to at least consult a professional about the severity of the situation. Should the problem be solely superficial, a skilled layperson may be able to do the repairs themselves, following some simple advice.  If the issue threatens the structural integrity of the building, however, then professional intervention is the crucial course of action. If you do plan to tackle the task yourself, they recommend you keep the following general tips in mind:

  • Make sure you have the appropriate building tools. Important tools to possess include a chisel, hammer, angle grinder (with masonry and steel blades), level, shovel, plastering trowel, brushes and safety goggles,  to name but a few.
  • Adhere strictly to all product specifications.
  • Never leave 'maybes' behind. Rather remove all faulty materials.
  • Do not rush the process of administering materials; add them bit by bit, allowing full curing and setting to occur before applying more in small increments.
  • Always consult a structural engineer when dealing with load-bearing supportive walls.
  • Similarly, when corroded steel reinforcement is removed, a professional should be consulted about whether or not replacement bars are required.
  • It is best to do structural maintenance  on your house regularly at minimal cost than to wait until major repair is needed.
  • When in doubt, seek advice or assistance.
REMEMBER, prevention is always better than cure: If the protective system of the house is strong - which includes a good waterproofing and paint job – its structural integrity should be maintained indefinitely and the need for repairs will be reduced. These helpful hints were provided by BPC Painters and Renovators. For more information visit or contact them on 021-946-4868 or at