Lego-based decor and accessories

Many of us have fond childhood memories of playing with Lego – the endless hours of building, creativity and bringing wild imaginings to life. Now you can recapture this nostalgia with these quirky creations from Toyboy Designs. Based in Joburg, the label is headed by designer Hendrik Smit and his business partner Raynier Krause. The design duo have revived everyone's love for Lego with their various pieces that look as though they were taken straight from a toy box. Think big, graphic and fun accessories that give any outfit that childlike edge. They make head-turning items including head bands, necklaces, bow ties and more. Hendrik also tells us that there is a fun furniture range in the pipeline, which is currently in its proto-type phase. We can't wait to see the life-size Lego chairs and tables hit the stores! If you want something specially made, they take custom orders for various sizes from small subtle items to large statement pieces. Visit toyboydesigns.co.za for more information and to browse their product range, or contact Hendrik via email at toyboydesigns@rocketmail.com. You'll also find their exciting collection at Ke Ai, the funky Asian store in Greenside, Joburg.