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Le Creuset Terrine

As the colder weather sets in, we're starting to put on our warmer wardrobes and dust off our wintry cookware. Le Creuset have simplified your time in the kitchen this season with their latest product, the lovely 32cm stoneware terrine. This new item is so convenient; simply place yours on the table to serve your meal directly from the oven, fridge or freezer! This means less time in the kitchen and more time playing host... The other reason we can't wait to get our hands on one is the fact that terrines are perfect for creating a number of different dishes, from freshly baked breads, delicious desserts and sorbets, to toasty lasagnes and meatloafs. Le Creuset have also added a press to the stoneware terrine for extra ease: by weighing down the contents you compress the dish, which makes for easy slicing and dishing at a later stage. Their stoneware range is fired at the highest temperatures to ensure that it's chip-, crack- and stain-resistant. Over and above lasting you years, you'll  also find that the terrines are simple to clean and can be placed in the dishwater to save time cleaning up. This product, available in the signature hues of cherry and flame, retails at R517 from Le Creuset stores nationwide and from the online shop at For more information visit or follow them on Twitter @LeCreusetSA.