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Label Orange

If, like us, you’ve always found ample design inspiration in The Netherlands, Label Orange is a name you want to remember. Soon you’ll be able to buy a number of designer Dutch labels right here in South Africa. Label Orange, co-owned by Creative Director Choi Mi Chung and Managing Director Jonathan Ursem, will be the local distributor or agent for exclusive Dutch contemporary fashion and lifestyle brands, including Droog, Dutchtub, Cowboysbelt & Cowboysbag and Artists Not Armies. This marks a first for South Africa and is a very exciting development for the local decor scene. The duo says, ‘We are both a marketing agency as well as sales agent for exclusively Dutch brands with cool products that are smart, beautifully designed and, in our humble opinion, a perfect match for the South African market.’ Choi and Jonathan have been working in the creative industry for some time and established Label Orange in Amsterdam last year. Their move to SA demonstrates the strong allegiance that we have and will continue to have with European design. We look forward to seeing what else Label Orange brings to our shores. If you have any enquiries or would like to find out about stockists you can email, follow @LabelOrange on Twitter or visit for more details.   Naomi Larkin  Editor – House and Leisure   Text: Written by Kim Grové for Naomi Larkin Images: Label Orange