KOOP Slow Chair and Day Bed

The innovative Slow Chair and Day Bed by Richard Stretton of KOOP Design caught our eye at Durban Decorex and we just had to find out more about them. ‘I have been collecting Ercol furniture since my early 20s,' says Richard. 'The delicate bent wood and light structures are ideal for Durban – because they are so cool. The lounge chairs and day beds that I have designed are the same as these in that they are low and generous in seat size,’ he adds. Richard says he is interested (at the moment) in organic African form. 'I especially love the shapes of hand carved wooden items – even the mokoros of the Okavango, so this furniture is inspired by things I have been collecting for 20 years mashed up with forms found in African design.’ The really original aspect of the Slow Chair and Day Bed is the fact that they come flat packed and so can be stored away at any time. ‘I feel that they appeal to younger people (seats this low make it hard for old people to get up) so with that in mind we developed these chairs as a flat lounge furniture product,’ Richard says. ‘They will work well for temporary events and apartment living and are also great for outside rooms as patio furniture.’ The chairs are made from a combination of ply and African hardwood which, Richard says, blends natural and mechanical. ‘I am also interested in high-quality modern African design – something that talks to renaissance as opposed to tokenistic representation. The question I am asking myself is "Am I designing something that represents the time, place and society I find myself in?"’ The Slow Chair and Day Bed are available to order from koopdesign.co.za or via email at koop@koopdesign.co.za