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Kitchen Must-Haves

For serious foodies, there are few things more exciting than finding an awesome new kitchen gadget. But all too often our coveted toys end up collecting dust in a cupboard. We're betting this list of five mouthwatering tools is destined to no such fate. Being as pretty as they are functional, these gadgets are – dare we say it – must-haves for any stylish kitchen. 1. The Eva Solo Drip Free Carafe is a great cocktail party trick. Carefully designed to prevent any spillage, the beautifully shaped bottle ensures your drink ends up in your glass and not on the tablecloth. Available from Yuppie Chef for R495. yuppiechef.co.za 2. When it comes to weighing, measuring and looking good, the Franca is the perfect tool for multi-tasking. Because it's a kitchen scale and measuring bowl all in one, you won't have to deal with a massive washing up pile at the end of a baking session. Available from Kitchen Passion for R450. kitchenpassion.co.za 3. When it comes to classic, fun style, nobody does salt and pepper grinders better than Peugeot. Available in a variety of quirky colours, these stylish wooden mills will brighten up any kitchen. Prices start at R395, from Culinary Equipment Company. culinary.co.za 4. We love functionality, so the Joseph Joseph Slice and Store chopping board definitely gets our vote. With a sleek storage compartment for its accompanying knife, this board is ideal for the kitchen, camping and picnics. Available in a variety of great colours for R180 from @Home. home.co.za 5. Save space in your fridge with the Mode Fridge Monkey. The sleek, compact rubber mat allows you to stack loads of bottles, no matter their size, thus saving space and stopping bottles from rolling around. Available from Yuppie Chef and Kitchen Passion for R55. Text: Roberta Coci Images: Yuppiechef, Kitchen Passion, Joseph Joseph