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Kidults Exhibition

Focusing on the concept of the generation gap that is slowly closing between adults and kids, this intriguing exhibition looks at how design reflects these societal changes. You've heard phrases like '40 is the new 20', which are clear reminders of the extended youthfulness we all seem to strive towards. The exhibition, which will be held at the Freeworld Design Centre in Cape Town, is a unique take on this concept of play, and shows us how the young and old are rather alike in the 21st century. The opening night on 9 February will see local artist Paul du Toit and a group of Grade 6 learners from the Red River Primary School in Manenberg getting their hands dirty with Plascon paint as they create exciting interactive images. This will be in aid of Safe Spaces, the first Rock Girl campaign, which is aimed at raising awareness about the need to create safe places for girls and women in South Africa. Award-winning artist Paul du Toit, who was commissioned last year to create the box of the one-off TAG Heuer Monaco 'Mikrograph', has built an international career for himself based on his tendency to veer from commercialism and move towards a more personalised design experience. Fellow exhibitors at the event will include the following diverse local art talent:

  • Francois van Reenen – This quirky painter and sculptor draws his inspiration from pop culture, comics and cartoons and he will be installing a mini art gallery.
  • The Fringe Arts – Facilitated by the likes of Lauren Fowler, Vincent Urbain and Keri Muller, they will be running a series of arts and crafts workshops to reawaken the child in you; workshops will take place on selected weekdays between 12–1pm and 3–4pm.
  • I-Jusi – This experimental graphics magazine will be showcasing graphic design artworks from the youth of South Africa’s new democracy until contemporary times.
  • Atang –  The street artist behind the brand Zabalazaa (meaning 'to hustle') will be customising patrons' shoes on a commission basis and will also create a room for his installation.
On opening night, entrants will also be able to enter the ON TAP design competition where they will stand a chance of winning a trip to Europe for the most innovative tap design! Lauren Shantall, Plascon’s Group Communications Manager says, 'Along with talented artists and teachers, this exhibition is a vital injection of youth into the old soul and culture into the youthful one.' The exhibition will run from 9 February until 23 March 2012, and is open Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm. Opening night is on Thursday, 9 February from 5pm onwards. Freeworld Design Centre, 71 Waterkant Street, Cape Town.