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Kathy Mellor Likes HL

A very exciting development in the online world of HL is that we have a brand new Facebook welcome page that has just gone live. The concept is that every few months we'll ask a different local designer or artist to create their interpretation of the Facebook 'like' button for us. These original designs will showcase the diverse design talent we have in South Africa and also make for an interesting focal point on the page. First up to design our Facebook landing page logo, we have the highly creative designer and illustrator Kathy Mellor, who is also HL's in-house designer. We chatted to Kathy about her design, creative inspiration and more... Your logo design is lovely and so original. Could you tell us what inspired you and what sort of look you had in mind while designing it? The Facebook ‘like’ symbol is really the contemporary version of the ‘manicule’ (or pointing hand) traditionally used in old book printing, so I designed the logo around that theme. Would you describe yourself first as a designer or an illustrator? A designer. Tell us a bit about your background in the design industry? I studied Graphic Design, and spent a couple of years in small design studios, before going into advertising for four/five years. I then went on my own to freelance and explored my interests in illustration and textiles. During this time I did some work in publishing which led me to House and Leisure. Do you draw using pictures and texts as a reference or straight from your mind? The ideas come from my mind and from there I use a combination of visual references to draw. I have a huge reference library and take lots of photographs. There’s an ethereal sort of simplicity around your body of work. Which other local designers/ illustrators do you admire? Fanakolo, Victoria Verbaan, Daniel Ting Chong and Lauren Fowler. To see more of Kathy's lovely illustrations you can visit her website here or follow her on Twitter @kathymellor.