Julia Day Q&A

Text Roberta Coci Photographs Warren van Rensburg, Naashon Zalk Styling Heather Boting For Julia Day, founder and owner of Generation Furniture in Johannesburg, interiors are a reflection of the soul. ‘There is nothing more satisfying than a bespoke interior,’ explains the designer, ‘a space where each piece of furniture and art has a personal meaning to the client.’ Julia is therefore strongly opposed to a ‘paint-by-numbers’ design style, and she relishes the fact that Generation Furniture has allowed her to specialise in the custom design of furniture and products for the past 20 years. What is your design philosophy? To design places and products that respond to the space, time and spirit in which they are being created. It is my ultimate goal as a designer to interpret the needs and personality of my clients in an interior that is practical, stylish and inspirational. How would you describe your signature style? Contemporary and relevant to the here and now. I enjoy well-designed, bespoke spaces and practical solutions infused with a depth of texture, interesting forms and inspiring art. Some of the key projects you’ve worked on? For the last two decades Generation Furniture has worked with both high-end corporates, as in private banks and equity firms, and large-scale domestic renovations and interiors. We’ve also been involved in the design and roll-out of various retail stores in the fashion industry. I am inspired by the diverse personalities of my clients and I love the challenge of creating the perfect interior solution for each different project. Your top tips to maximise a small space?

  • Work off a floor plan – don’t just buy furniture on a whim.
  • Use texture to add depth and meaning to a room.
  • Use a similar colour for the wall and floor finishes, to avoid highlighting the small size of the room on the floor.
  • Great lighting will create a feeling of space and depth in a confined space.
  • Stay away from clutter – ensure your room has plenty of storage and that furniture can double up to serve a few functions.
Generation Furniture, Shop 9, Middle Mall, Hyde Park Shopping Centre, Johannesburg, 011-325-5383.