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Join us on Pinterest

Everybody's talking about it, and there's a good reason why. Pinterest, the fastest growing social media network, is a haven for anyone with a passion for beauty. We're loving the trend towards more visual communication. When you sign up for Pinterest you're greeted to a visual feast of beautiful images pinned from all corners of the web. The Home Decor and Food and Drinks categories are particularly strong on this site, making it a haven for beauty-hunters like ourselves. The concept is simple. You create boards on which you pin images that catch your eye. Conversely, you follow other people's boards and get inspired by their selection. It's the ultimate way to save all those delicious recipes you're constantly spotting and forgetting about, to make a moodboard of ideas for brightening up your home, to plan a wedding, or, just to find a daily dose of aesthetic inspiration. 'Pinterest is the new go-to visual bookmarking tool on the internet,' says Paul White, Social Media Strategist at Instant Grass. 'It offers a more adult, design-orientated take on image curation. Much like how we used to cut pictures out of magazines and stick them in scrap books, Pinterest does exactly the same thing but makes it easier and faster.' House and Leisure is on Pinterest, and you can find and follow us here. Our boards offer a constantly updated collection of the most beautiful images and delicious recipes HL has to offer as well as other exciting finds. If you're not already a member, simply go to pinterest.com and click ‘Request an Invite’. You’ll then need to enter your email address and will shortly be sent an invitation. If you don't want to wait for an invitation, send your email address to houseandleisure@assocmags.co.za and we'll send you one immediately. What are you waiting for? Sign up and join the Pinversation today! Text: Roberta Coci