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Jasper and George Online Store

The opening of new homeware and design stores means the rise of new concepts, new products and new possibilities. And we can expect exactly such things from Jasper and George, a furniture and decor company recently launched by Heinrich and Ina van der Walt. As both work in the corporate sector, the pair conceptualised the company in an attempt to find expression for their suppressed creative sides. ‘Being creative by nature, we wanted to explore an avenue that allowed the imagination, not profit margins, to drive daily activities,’ Heinrich told HL. What has materialised from their imaginative efforts is an innovative range of home and garden furniture that capitalises on the notion of upcycling. Made from recycled wooden pallets originally used for shipping and storage purposes, their lovely glazed pieces exude a sense of raw authenticity and history, as though they’ve lived a life before. Currently, their ever-expanding collection includes an assortment of rustic couches, coffee tables, beautiful benches and quaint garden planters. Handcrafted with care, each item is testament to the infinite number of ways in which used pallets – which Heinrich claims are in abundance around us – can be transformed from waste to wonderful. In addition to their wooden furniture, Jasper and George offers a unique range of mosaic mirrors and custom-made wall ‘backsplashes’ (pictured above). Staying true to their commitment to environmental consciousness and responsible recycling, these pieces are composed of discarded shards of glass or mirror sourced from surrounding companies. Perfect for both indoors and out, the mural ‘backsplash’ mosaics have really caught our attention as resplendent reflective kaleidoscopes of colour, life and light. All furniture and decor items can be ordered directly from Jasper and George – visit, email or call Ina or Heinrich on 082-303-6577 or 082-451-6181. Pallet products are available in ‘any colour under the sun’ and they will also happily take on custom home projects. To view the garden planters, pop in to Marigold, De Lorentz Street, Cape Town.