Jacobs Coffee Board Games Cafe

Winter’s suddenly lost its bite, thanks to a great initiative by Jacobs Coffee. From today until the end of September, they’ll be running a board games café in Parkhurst, Joburg. The aim is to get us to ditch our cell phones, iPads, and any form of connectivity - and rather resort to the old school form of connecting - with friends. The café is beautifully decorated with several board game themes (think squishy Scrabble letters for cushions, magnetic Tic Tac Toe on the walls and so on) and of course there’s a wide selection of games available to play. Best of all - customers can help themselves to free Jacobs coffee. ‘What more do you need than the taste of Jacobs coffee, the unmistakable Verwohnaroma and a comfortable space to enjoy it?’ says Jacobs Senior Brand Manager, Taki Tsanwani. Jacobs will be hosting several events in the café over the next few months. I’m particularly excited about their Nelson Mandela Day initiative, where, on 18 July, we can all go over to the café and spend 67 minutes teaching a board game to an underprivileged child. If you’d simply like to go and relax with friends, the café is open Tuesdays to Sundays from 10am-10pm, at 69 11th Street, Parkhurst. To find out more visit and like their Facebook page. This blog post is courtesy of HL's Online Editor, Roberta Coci, whose blog, The Place With The... showcases some of her favourite places in Joburg and on her travels. Read more at theplacewiththe.com