High Thorn Urchin Chandelier

High Thorn’s magnificent Urchin chandelier is the perfect mix of modern materials with a classic design. Made of leather and crystal glass beads, the chandelier is entirely handmade in the KZN Midlands by skilled craftsmen and women who take pride in the creation of each piece. ‘Our products are often inspired by traditional African designs and adapted to suit a contemporary style. We pride ourselves on our originality and uniqueness,’ says Georgie Crowe of High Thorn. ‘The employees at High Thorn are encouraged to take responsibility for each order that is allocated to them and we hope that this responsibility will transcend into their daily lives.’ The interplay of the leather and crystal glass beads is particularly unusual and the patterns of the light cast through these elements is striking. The chandeliers can be made in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours to suit your space and High Thorn will happily custom-make items for their customers. High Thorn’s products are popular throughout South Africa and the Urchin chandelier has found a home in several countries overseas as well. This is certainly South African design to be proud of! For more information about the Urchin Chandelier, visit High Thorn’s website: highthorn.co.za