Heather's Leather Brooches

The origins of designer and illustrator Heather Brown's brooches are described by the artist herself as 'a bit of a fluke'. She started out making button earrings as a creative release, until a friend suggested she try combining the mediums of leather and buttons. Heather explains, 'I bought a few offcuts and started playing around. I decided to make brooches rather than anything else, as I just love the brooch as an accessory! They are so versatile and can make such a bold statement. ' And we're so glad she did. Her pieces are entirely unique and definitely got a smile out of us. The brooches show several motifs that demonstrate the source of her inspiration. She tells us that the first brooch she ever made - one featuring an eyeball - was influenced by a pair of Iron Fist heels with an eyeball print. One thing's for sure, if you have a sense of humour, you'll love these. From the classic Rolling Stones lips logo to ice-creams, paint palettes, the beloved rhino, and even iPods, the range offers something to complement just about any personality. Heather says, 'I hope that when someone wears one of my brooches, they are wearing one that speaks to them, or reminds them of a great memory, or makes them smile.' The designer also recently ventured into making leather earrings and is hoping to expand on the range in the future. And looking at her colourful, quirky collection so far, there's no telling what she'll create next. The brooches retail for R110 - R130 each, while custom brooches can be more, depending on the design and materials used. Earrings are R90 per pair. For more details contact Heather on 072-204-4488, visit heathersleathers.co.za or find her on Facebook. You can also find out more about her other projects at heatherbrown.withtank.com.