Anthony Mederer, MD of Hansgrohe, tells us where he sees bathroom trends headed in 2012. What are the trends for bathroom fittings in 2012? Flexibility and tailor-made solutions. The bathroom is changing from a place of hygiene to a place for living. Our Metris, Talis and Focus lines are designed for each bathroom’s unique ‘comfortzone’ – the space between the basin and the mixer – while the Axor Bouroullec collection consists of more than 70 elements that can be combined to suit a particular space. Why are these trends coming to the fore? We have moved away from nature and into urban areas and we have hectic schedules, which means we need more tranquillity and pampering. Achieving wellbeing and comfort with low water-consumption is our main focus. What distinguishes Hansgrohe from the competition? Constant development and innovation, keeping ahead of the times. We aren’t scared to try new things and consider the impact on the environment from the start of the manufacturing process to the sale. The proof that we’re doing it right lies in our number of satisfied customers. Your bestselling range of all time? The Talis S range – it has a timeless design, it’s well priced and is extremely efficient in terms of sustainability. Visit hansgrohe.co.za or email sales@hansgrohe.co.za.   IMAGE: Styling Shelly Bergh Photograph Justin Patrick Hair and make-up Anneline Black, Brushstrokes Butterfly Wing (Y6-E2) paint Plascon